Nak Vegan Leather

Our mission at NAK is simple - make beautiful shoes without killing animals.Sounds good? We thought so. So we made it our mission to find an alternative to leather.Our materials are identical to animal leather, but of superior quality. In fact, it is they are some of the most advanced materials available for modern footwear. Not only are they incredibly soft, but also breathable, waterproof and lightweight.We have combined these incredible materials with our experience and innovative vision to design and create our shoes and with No Animal Killed in the process.NAK is for everyone who desires to make the world a better place. Be cool, not cruel!

Not only does do they feel and look exactly like animal leather, but our materials have a wealth of other qualities (in addition to not killing animals that is…)

100% waterproof

your shoes won’t stain you when you skip through puddles


letting your feet breathe the fresh air

Maintains its look

still looks good no matter how many hours you wear them


your feet will have never have felt happier


it is 3 times lighter than animal leather = 3 times longer to dance

NAK has two shoe wear lines – our signature range, Origin, and our our recently launched collection, Fashionista.Fashionista uses cutting edge materials in a dazzling array of colours.

PETA Approved

NAK Fashion, launched at London Fashion Week in February 2015, is a PETA approved vegan brand.The world is evolving. We are seeing a growing demand for cruelty-free fashion.Be part of this movement. Be cool, not cruel and join with us!