NAK is a cruelty-free shoe brand

NAK was founded on a simple premise:
We should not need to kill animals in order to wear beautiful shoes.
Sounds logical, right?

So we decided to go make it our mission to find a new material to replace all the leather that the shoe industry is currently still using.

What we discovered is a high tech material called micro fibre which has a 3D structure making it identical to that of animal leather but is far superior in quality. Considered one of the most advanced material available for  21st century footwear, it is much more robust, completely waterproof and incredibly light.

By combining this advanced material with our experience and innovation, we have created a collection of exquisite shoes that perfectly mirror the technical and tactile qualities of traditional leather,
with No Animal Killed in the process.

NAK is for everyone who desires to live in a better world.

Be cool, not cruel

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