What is Kilometre 0 and Why Should You Care About It?

A buzzword that first emerged in the Italian food industry in 2009, Kilometre 0 refers to sourcing produce from suppliers as close to you as possible. This means buying directly from the person breeding, cultivating or growing said produce, thus limiting the need to transport products. Doing so ensures that the harmful effects to the environment, including the depletion of forests, are minimised. After electricity, transportation is the largest source of CO2 emission, with aeroplanes being the most harmful and releasing the most carbon dioxide.


In the fashion industry, Kilometre 0 is slowly gaining ground. With such events as the Rana Plaza factory collapse or Livia Firth’s documentary on The True Cost of Fashion opening people’s eyes to the harmful side of the fashion industry, more labels are now making a conscious decision to source materials locally. While the industry has a very long way to go, it is slowly but surely getting there.


NAK is a fashion brand that isn’t just cruelty free—it is also an advocate of Kilometre 0. Every piece and process that goes into the production of our vegan shoes is sourced in Northern Italy. That includes not only our shoes but the micro fibre we use as an alternative to leather and the packaging our shoes come in, too. NAK aims to keep its production line this way and refuses to use materials or production sites from far-flung regions in order to limit energy waste. By using Italian materials and by keeping production locally, we are offsetting the emissions we create from delivering our shoes to customers around the world. It might not sound enough or ironic to you, but not all companies bother. Have a look at these things next time you shop!