The NAK Philosophy


Do you know the process that goes into the creation of your favourite calfskin handbag? Or that which allows you to wear wool coats during the winter? How about the procedure that led to the boots you always wear? If you knew just what kind of suffering animals are put through, would you still wear these by-products?

It is a sobering fact that millions of animals are murdered each year all in the name of fashion. In India and China, barely any animal welfare laws are put in place, which means factories can do pretty much anything they want in order to put down an animal. Cows in India would be subject to cruel acts, including having chilli peppers rubbed into their eyes to force them to walk. Meanwhile, in China, where fur products are often mislabelled, cats and dogs would be beaten and bludgeoned to death. Some are even skinned alive. In the Middle East, sheep from Australia would have their throats slit while conscious—all for the production of wool. These are gentle animals that would never willingly harm human beings, so what gives us the right to maltreat them?


We believe change doesn’t truly start until we do something about the situation, and this is precisely the premise that led to the creation of NAK. It is hypocritical to condemn those who kill animals for fashion, when we continue to wear animal by-products and support the industry that sustains this. Why fight for something with just our words when we can put them into action? Our cruelty free shoes may not solve the problem—they never fully will—but we hope that if more brands like us emerge, we can come together to make an impact.