An Alternative to Animal Leather


As people who appreciate a good shoe, we were frustrated at the lack of timeless, well-designed, and long-lasting footwear that are completely cruelty free. What we would give to slip on a pair of chic black vegan pumps, we thought! After some musing and contemplating, it was evident that in order to get what we want, we would have to create it ourselves.

We sought out the best artisans and advisors in the footwear business, and sat down with them to craft our capsule collection. After many days of deliberating, we finally stumbled upon a technological advancement: a luxurious micro-fibre that looks, feels, and even smells like actual leather! When the first sample was handed to us by our team of artisans, we knew we were on to something good.


Needless to say, we wasted no time test-driving the first batch of shoes. Not to toot our own horn, but the results were exactly what we hoped for—and more. Unlike real leather, which can be a burden to wear on the feet because of its heaviness, NAK leather is completely lightweight and breathable. That means they’re ideal for traveling: you can walk miles in them without worrying about aching feet, and they will barely take up a fraction of your baggage allowance.

NAK leather also makes clean up a breeze. Unlike animal leather, which requires brushing and polishing to maintain its sheen, our shoes only need to be run under water for dirt and grime to slide away. Run it under a tap, and your pair will look exactly as it did on the day you purchased it. Not a lot of shoes can say that!

A NAK shoe in your wardrobe is bound to withstand the test of time.