A Process that is Fair to All

Process to build a shoe.

Here at NAK, we are extremely proud of running a brand that supports fair, upright working conditions. We work closely with a small artisanal workshop in Italy, with shoemakers who are masters in their trade. By enlisting local artisans who have honed their skills through time, we are committed to preserving their craft and supporting micro economies. Each NAK shoe is carefully handmade so that our clients can feel the difference.

We are adamant about our refusal to employ children and workers in poverty-stricken countries. We knew it would have been easier and less expensive to employ a large factory to mass-produce our shoes, but we are—and will never be—about that. We believe in upholding the dignity of all human beings, so we always ensure our workers are treated fairly and justly. At the end of the day, our shoes and all other commodities are just that: commodities. No person should suffer or have his worth diminish for the production of a material good.

NAK is also a proponent of Kilometer 0. By employing workers and using materials from our local community, we minimize the need to outsource and import unnecessarily. Doing so effectively lessens our contribution to pollution and carbon emission. And while we are still trying to find a way to deliver our shoes to buyers worldwide without the use of airplanes, we are comfortable in knowing that we offset this by sourcing everything—even the boxes our shoes come in—locally.